Modular Synthesizer Comparison Chart

All Modulars accept signal levels in the 10V P-P range, control voltages in the +/-5V or 0-10V range and Gate levels of 5V.

Power Req. Jack Size Module Height  Module Width
Module Depth
Number of Modules Kits Assembled Comments
Blacet +/-15V 3.5mm 5.25" 4 3" (1.5") 6.5" 13 Yes Yes Unusual, multi function modules
Cyndustries +/-15 Banana 9" 2.25" 7 17 No Yes Modcan style modules
Analog Solutions +/-12/+5V 3.5mm 5.06" 5 (.8") 6 4.725" 32 No Yes Lots of drum modules
Doepfer +/-12/+5V 1 3.5mm 5.06" 5 (.8") 6
65+ No Yes Simple modules
Metasonix 12VAC 1/4" 3 See Note 3 4.5"
3 No Yes tube based
Modcan +/-15 Banana 9" 2.25" 7 29 No Yes Popular Canadian system
Paia +/-18 or +/-15V 2 3.5mm 5.25" 4 3"  6.5" 4 Yes No Extensive normalling
Analog Systems +/-12/+5V 3.5mm 5.06" 5 (1.2") 6
42 No Yes
STS (Serge) +/-12V Banana 7" 17"
65 No Yes panelized "modules" +/-15/+5V 8 1/4" 8.75" (2.125") 2.5" 35 No Yes Simple Moog style modules
Synth Tech (MOTM) +/-15V 1/4" 8.75" 3.5" (2.125") 4.5" 21 Yes Yes Very rugged
Technosaurus +18/-18V 1/4" 15.75" 1.6"
11 No Yes
Wiard +/-15 3.5mm 10.5"9 2.83"
8 No Yes Very unusual and creative modules.
1. Most modules can run on +/-15V. See info on Doepfer Web Site.
2. Modules have on board +/-12V regulators and run on +/-18V unregulated input. Modules can run on +/-15V with minor board modification. See info on Paia Web Site.
3. Mounting kits available for MOTM, and Doepfer.
4. Uses Frac Rak mounting system.
5. Uses EuroRack mounting system.
6. Module Width measured in HP (hotizontal pitch) units of 5.08mm or 0.2"
7. Including power supply.
8. Most modules run on +/-15V
9. Some Frac Rak/Blacet Rack Compatible Modules

A side by side shot of two popular VCOs from Blacet and MOTM, showing the different form factors.
  • The Blacet VCO is 5.25" high x 3" wide x 6.25" deep. The jacks are 3.5mm, panel .062 aluminum. The knob width is .45". Space required is 98.4 cubic inches. The module weighs 6.6 oz.
  • The MOTM VCO is 8.75" high x 3.5" wide x 4.5" deep. The jacks are 1/4", panel .125 aluminum. The knob width is .75". Space required is 137.8 cubic inches. The module weighs 22 oz.
Amongst all module manufacturers, there is a design trade off between module, jack, and knob size which effects the ease of access, ruggedness and the portability of the units. Some considerations are:
  • Do you have large fingers and find it hard to use small knobs and jacks?
  • Is the modular going to be primarily a studio unit or do you need to transport it frequently? (Smaller units are much lighter).
  • How much room do you have? (Larger modules will take up considerably more space).
  • Because they are bigger, 1/4" jacks are a bit more rugged than 3.5mm and can withstand more abuse.
Because of the wide variety of modules, many modular owners have a mix and match collection of various manufacturers. The simplest way to do this is to get the sub rack mounting system and power supply for each manufacturer and add modules as desired. The complete collection can fit in a rack box such as an SKB or wooden cases of various commercial and home made designs.

Power supplies and connectors vary. At this time only Blacet and MOTM have compatible power supplies and connectors. Other module brands may share a power supply with a simple change of connector in some cases. Some require different voltages. 

Some manufacturers make very simple modules, while others add many features. Some go for the unusual, creative approach. There is much tasty variety to be sampled!